Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Warm and Happy

I love it when a project turns out the way I imagined.

Warm winter colours for the not so wintery Qld weather.  And.....!

It's totally reversable!!!  I know.  I'm too cool for school.

This is part of a growing Cuggles! wardrobe for Toddler to sport at Daycare, it's hard wearing, can get paint and playdough rubbed in without too much staining and best of all it looks good.  Poor little girl and her own clothes were coming second to my paying projects for a while.

Sigh.... so happy. 


  1. That's just adorable. I hope to see a super adorable little miss wearing it soon!

  2. Nice one Kimmy...Will these be in Handmade Heaven soon? LOL

  3. Thanks girls! Yes Liesy, I believe I might be bringing some very similar in with me soon.



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