Wednesday, April 14, 2010


These Crayon rolls are really fun to make, I got on a bit of a 'roll' and delivered a supply to the shop, Handmade Heaven last week. Not an original concept, but I do quite like mine because it folds over at the top and then rolls up - stops the crayons falling out in my handbag. As with most things, the desire to make something like was inspired by Toddler Cuggles.
We were supermarket shopping at the time. She shouted 'No man! Don't touch!' as an elderly gentleman went about selecting his cereal from a shelf in the same aisle as us. She screamed 'WIGGLES!!!' as we went past the DVD display, on it went. Oh yes, and she pulled at my dress, looking down the top, pulling it up at the hem trying to see the baby in my tummy. That's when I dropped a bag of sugar which went everywhere and I had to find someone and explain ourselves so it could be cleaned up.  Ok, it was pretty funny.

Not one to be controlled a 2 year old, I have mastered my straight face and can calmly ignore or suggest distractions when the tanties despite who is around and how loud she is, but geez it can be draining!  So I decided those little eyes and hands needed to be kept occupied and created my first Crayon Roll for the little darling.  I certainly need my cuppsy after those kind of shopping trips.
PS.  Do you like the new look of my blog?  I love it!


  1. Love the new look for the blog and love the crayon rolls. Can’t wait to have one in my bag for “those moments” with Little Guy!

  2. Cooper loves his...he actually has a couple of them and they are awesome to take in the car...keeps him busy

  3. Oh they absolutely keep you on your toes!! I have certainly stopped being embarrassed by the crazy things they do (well mostly!). Lou.

  4. Kylie, your Little Guy is so sweet, but yes, they all have 'those moments' sometimes.

    Liesy, you sly little fox. I suspected one of those puchases for you to give to Coops. I'm very glad he likes the idea.

    Lou, I can only imagine what it will be like with 2 of them getting up to all sorts, won't be long and I'll find out! I'm learning to be more relaxed too as I realise that other parents just give you that knowing half smile or a look of understanding.



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