Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Mrs Fixit

Did you think I didn't love you anymore when my link vanished from so many of your blogs?  I recently 'broke' my blog.  I had logged on during a quiet moment at work, (the lovely Liesa is happy for me to do this) and from then on, ALL the blogs that I follow showed Liesa's blog profile instead of Cuggles, sorry Liesy.  After getting no response from the Blog Help Site, I took matters into my own hands and think/hope I have fixed the problem.  Here's a picture of Handmade Heaven where I work part time.  Isn't it a cute little place?


  1. I had wondered what was going on! Oh well, all sorted now!

  2. gah, i love the look of this precious shop! ill have to drop by and have a gander one day!

    your blog is delightful too btw!



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