Wednesday, September 16, 2009

New Hat for Baby Cuggles and More Aprons

We had a lovely day playing in the garden today and pottering around getting the washing and other chores done.  Baby Cuggles even kept her new hat on, pictured left.  It is so much better than the store bought kind as it is shaped beautifully to fit little heads and the brim sits lower at the back for better sun protection.  I will be making more like this for both boys and girls which can be found in Handmade Heaven
I'm making a little rose embelishment in a bright colour for Baby Cuggles' hat because she loves 'fowers'.  Oh yes, that is Budha's head modelling.  Meanwhile..... 
I have been making more aprons, also available at Handmade Heaven
Here is an example of one of the chef style, child size aprons in navy blue.  These have easy velcro fastenings on the neck and waist straps.  The red truck pocket is big enough for all kinds of frogs, snails and puppy dog's tails.
         Here is a smock style, child size apron in pink.  This one has a large pocket, for sugar, spice and all things nice... and an essential mini whisk of course!
Well, I have a cuppsy tea waiting, some hat fabric to get started on and custard to wash out of my hair!  What a great end to a beautiful, playful messy day.
Mummy Cuggles XXX

Friday, September 11, 2009

Whistle While You Work

There's nothing like a change of scenery for new inspiration.  During a 'whistle stop' holiday at the In-Law's for a couple of days I have come home with more exciting fabric and a new smock-style of apron on the go, in Toddler and Child sizes.  Here's a preview of the brand new 'Whistle Apron' in red.  The noisy boys I know will love these aprons with gangster car pockets. 
These will be available for $19 in the Handmade Heaven Shop.
Now to get working on more of the same style in pink with girly pockets and navy with more cars.  Best keep sewing while Baby Cuggles is sleeping.  Wonder if I'll get time for a cuppsy?

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Fun with Dick and Jane - New aprons

*Who are Dick and Jane? Click on the heading above to find out.
Here is one of the new Cuggles! Toddler Aprons that I've been working on. I love this fabric because the pictures look like what I saw in books that were at my Nan's house. She had somehow managed to preserve some of the reading material that belonged to her 4 tree climbing boys, including my Dad.  
This might explain my obsession with collecting old books for my daughter.  She is still at the stage of potentially ripping pages and definitly at the stage of scribbling in them with pen.  I have a stack in good condition put away for when she's a 'big girl' and some that she can have fun destroying now. 

Daddy Cuggles is out with Baby Cuggles this morning enjoying some Father's Day time together.  I have fulfilled my obligation and made him a hot breakfast and tea earlier.  So I'm now going to take advantage of a couple of quiet hours sewing my next project -Cuggles! Toddler Hats.  Bliss!!  Must start with a cuppsy of course.

Friday, September 4, 2009

The Cuggles Experience

Baby Cuggles started mimicking Mummy and Daddy Cuggles a few months ago.... must use big person's cutlery, must wear our shoes, must carry Mummy's handbag.  We then discovered that baking cakes with Mummy requires an Apron. After looking around the local stores I couldn't find anything for our mini baker, which was also affordable. So, I created the first Cuggles! Apron.  Girly and pretty with frills and an adjustable neck strap.  Not too long so as not to trip over or get caught up in it.  She looks so adorable in it with wooden spoon going and measuring cups clattering in every mixing bowl I own.
Chatting at playgroup about toddler wear, some of the other Mums explained that they were having an equally difficult time  finding fun and functional toddler wear for boys.  So, I decided to develop Cuggles! - toddler wear for girls and boys.
At this stage the aprons are available at Handmade Heaven, Ipswich and I will be at the New Earth Markets (Marburg, QLD) on Sundays! 
All new Cuggles! creations will be updated here.  Any how, it's now time for a cuppsy.  Oh yes, Baby Cuggles must also have a 'tea' (plain milk) from a proper tea cup!!


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