Sunday, April 18, 2010

Using Beautiful Things

This was my Great Grandmother's green and white spot jug.  I got it because I love it, I've had it for years, carefully packed and moved to different houses and States, waiting until I felt I was a grown up, with a grown up house in and a grown up life so I would feel justified using it. 

Well, don't know about being grown up, but hubby and I are in our mid-thirties, with a toddler, a baby bump a dog and a mortgage.  So, the dust was rinsed off and some fresh and beautiful smelling lavender and pretty looking (but funny smelling) flowers now occupy the jug.  It is in our bathroom to be admired every time someone goes in or out.  It's been said before but the simple things really do bring the most pleasure.

Do you have any treasured items like this you love to use?

Is it that time?  I'm off to pop the kettle on and contemplate what other beautiful things can come out of hiding around here.

PS.  One day I'll figure out some photography basics, the picture really doesn't do justice to the true colours.


  1. That's a beautiful jug, I have a few things I'm waiting to put up in our new house.....which seems to be taking forever to happen. They are wall hanging type quilty pieces my older sister has made...just beautiful. In our tiny current house, I feel they would make the place seem more crowded, plain white walls make it feel just a tad bigger.

  2. Hey Cat, I hate waiting too. Hope it doesn't take too much longer.

  3. I have a pale blue jug that has spots on it just like yours from my grandmother. I used to use it as a vase but since she dies a year ago I have put it away in the cupboard because I'm scared of breaking it. Silly really. Much better to enjoy it like you.



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