Tuesday, April 20, 2010

At my house: Donna Vs Nigella

Superior styling, concise instructions and proven results vs. good styling, verbose instructions and unknown results.  That's what I'm pondering this week, as a loyal Donna Hay girl I have recently been tempted by Nigella with her 'Nigella Express' program the ABC is running.  I've strayed so far as to borrow a Nigella book from the library, but I keep choosing my tried and tested Donna Hay recipes.  Donna really just puts a bit of sophistication into everyday ingredients 'Express' version of Nigella seems to rely on pre-prepared (good quality) ingredients in order to then throw something together more quickly than you could have otherwise.  I'm not going to cross over anytime soon, maybe just have a little dalliance at some stage. 

Are you wanting lovely warm breakfasts with this cooler weather?  We recently had house guests and I thought it would be very domestic to serve up a good ol' pot of porridge to start the day.  I turned to a copy of a DH mag from Autumn last year and found 'Vanilla Porridge with Honeyed Apples'.  Have a look at the DH website for the recipe.  I hadn't made this one before but can advise that when doing the honeyed apples, high heat doesn't necessarily mean the highest heat your burner can go up to.  Oops.  I can also advise that if you want an even quicker version of this idea, you can grate some apple into the porridge toward the end of the cooking time and stir in the vanilla and honey as well.  DEEELISH.

If I break out any Nigella recipes I'll share those experiences too, just to be fair to the poms.  You can visit the Nigella's website by clicking this link.  Be aware some recipes are submitted by readers, not Nigella.

Thanks Lou for inspiring this 'At my house' sharing game.


  1. I love Donna Hay too. I must admit it's been a while since I've been recipe browsing and trying new things. A bit of a cooking rut at the moment but I do have some favourites from Donna Hay that keep coming around in the cycle.

    Thanks for joining in with me. Lou.

  2. might just try that grated apple in the porridge - thanks!

  3. I had a subscription (gift) to Donna for a few years, but got to the point where I never even opened it. I think that was after bub no' 2.......hopefully you can keep going with bub no'2 ;).....I find I now do more of the 'throw it together type thing'. The front pic of the latest is drool worthy though!

  4. Oh that porridge sounds super yummy!

  5. I am a big Donna Hay fan as well. I haven't looked at much from Nigella, but I think you are tempting me!



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