Thursday, September 16, 2010

The 2 Hour Labour ...and Beyond

Do you think he's going to be tall??
Yep, a 2 hour labour, an incredible experience.  Our little Blue Cuggle is here, he is gorgeous, he is adored.  I thought I'd share the birth story if you'd like to hear it. 

It was very early, 2.11am when I woke up to realise my waters had broken.  I put a maternity pad on, then crept back to bed thinking I could get some more sleep.  Then, gush!  Back to the bathroom for another maternity pad.  I was just lying down again, being careful not to wake Hubby Cuggles who I knew would turn every light in the house on and start ringing people.  Hubby stirs, with one eye open he asks if I'm ok.  When I tell him he sits bolt upright but I convince him to lie down with me thinking it might be hours yet. 

A few minutes later at exactly 2.31am I get the first labour pain, 3 minutes later the next one and the next one.  They were serious contractions too, there would be no hanging around under the shower at home or pacing the floor.  Hubby springs into action.  He goes to call the hospital and the people looking after our toddler.  He then comes back to ask 'before I ring are you sure your water has broken?'.  I was incredulous.  'YES!  GO AND RING THEM NOW!!'.   I could have drop kicked him. 

Thank God the hospital is only 2 blocks away.  We arrived about 3am and went directly to the labour room.  Directly after the midwife and hubby take a nice moment to have a chat and a laugh that is.  Meanwhile I was doubled over the reception desk patiently waiting.  When we got into the labour room the midwife did an examination and I remember her saying with genuine empathy, 'Oh darlin', you're already 7cm'.  Well.  No bloody wonder I was feeling edgy about getting in there.

I then spent most of the next hour or so hoovering on the gas.  The obstetrician assured me it was distracting me though when it was time to push and I gave it up.  With some reassurance from the obstetrician and midwife and my husband allowing me to crush his hand with every push, I did actually feel confident and in control throughout the pushing phase.  It was exactly 4.31am, 2 hours after the first contraction when our little boy was born and we instantly fell in love with him.  He went straight on my chest and proved he knew his way around a nipple very quickly.  He has continued to be a good little feeder.

He is 5 weeks old now, he is very sweet and calm and is getting beautifully fat.  His big sister just loves him, she often says with a note of urgency 'I need him!'.  Which means she needs to kiss and cuddle him.  She is still adjusting but so far any wayward behaviour has not been directed at her baby brother.

I'm feeling really good in myself.  I'm lucky to have had a straight forward birth and have recovered pretty quickly.  Emotionally I've figured out that the only way to stay sane is to always be 2 steps ahead, so there aren't a lot of spare moments for luxuries like blogging/facebook/email but we are mostly keeping on top of the basics and not feeling stressed.  Life is good in the Cuggle House.  

Thank you everyone for your nice comments and for the facebook messages and well wishes.

Hope to get back here soon.  xxx Kim.  


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