Thursday, July 22, 2010

My Creative Space: Witchy Woman Tea Cosy meets Scotsman

Remember my mad client who is married to a Scotsman?  She loved the kilt-apron and chef's hat so much she requested a matching tea cosy for him... and one with a witch on a broomstick for herself! 
What a wicked sense of humour she has. 
Oh, and speaking of, this very same witchy woman saw me yesterday morning and predicted the baby to arrive within a few days.  At 37 weeks, I'm not sure whether to question the quality of her 'eye of newt' or to finish packing my hospital bag!

Thanks again Kirsty for hosting My Creative Space.


  1. Get those bags packed – if only because you are tempting fate to make this baby early by not having that job finished! Adorable tea cosy’s – it seems there is nothing you can’t whip up on that trusty machine.

  2. love it. I'm a huge fan of quirky tea cosies.

  3. The great thing about creating is that you can make some very personal to do for people who appreciate the work that goes into it.

  4. Your tea cosies are wonderful...zany..but wonderful! Fingers crossed she'd just had one too many wines with lunch and that your bubba stays put for a while longer. Hope you're having a lovely week :)

  5. Clever you! I especially love the witch one.

  6. The detail in the witch tea cosy is great and here's hoping bub waits just a bit longer before their arrival!

  7. Pack just to be safe I would say! Love the tea cosies, very cool. Wishing you all the best with your new bundle of fun in the next little while:)



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