Friday, August 6, 2010

While waiting to give birth....

I'm still here!  The Cuggle oven is due to ding in 7 days and I've spent the last couple of weeks offline. 

My belly, last week.
While waiting for bub to arrive, I've been sleeping when the Toddler Cuggle sleeps but also have been caught up with other things...

The Cuggle has been in undies for the last 5 days.  She's doing really well, though when visiting the Art Gallery today we discovered that the bathrooms are 2 floors down from the Kids' section.  Apparently my little Cuggle is not the first to wee on the carpet - derr!

Bunnies salvaged from a stained bib, ready to sew on some training undies.

I got the birds up on the wall last week -
Click the link above for the tutorial
Making my Mum-in-Law's Vegetable Lasagne.  I had planned on posting the recipe yesterday so I could play along with Emma's new segment of Easy Peasy Dinner Winners where you can find and share some really good family friendly and easy recipes.  But, I decided to just be pregnant instead and try another time. 

Layered and ready for the oven
Made another easy recipe, Melt and Mix Honey Cake from an old issue of Donna Hay Magazine.  Toddler Cuggle and I enjoyed some for our morning tea picnic in the back yard the other day.  Definitely another recipe which I'll have to share at some stage.  If you fancy making it in the meanwhile, check out the DH Website

Melt and Mix Honey Cake, yes the fruit got eaten too!
Finally, I spent hours on the phone to plumbing people on Tuesday because our hot water system broke on Monday night.  Thank goodness for great neighbours who let you bath your toddler at their house, shower yourself and send you home with an 'American Brownie Fudge Cake'.

Now, back to more waiting....
: ) Kim


  1. hey kim
    you have been busy haven't you.. only 7 days, not long now.
    Love the mobile (little birds) looks great.
    Well done to toddler cuggles with the undies. Took miss e a long time - but i think we're getting there too.. She has gone everynight without wetting for weeks (didn't wet the first night actually i was gobsmacked)
    take care

  2. oh my you are cute with your tiny belly!!

  3. Nice to hear from you!! All the best with the impending birth! Your bump is very beautiful!!

  4. looking forward to the easy vege lasagne recipe! but of course - if it is in six months time - that is perfectly fine too!!

    i am feeling for you with no hot water! not the right time of year for that to happen! i feel ours may not have long to go itself....

    all the best in the next week!


  5. how cute is that belly!!
    thinking of you Kim and wishing you a speedy & smooth labour.
    ahhh ♥

  6. Thanks for your lovlely comments and well wishes my dears. I FEEL ginormous and like my belly weighs a tonne but nice to hear words like cute, beautiful and tiny!

  7. Happy waiting ....maybe you need to put your feet up a little before the big arrival.



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