Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Farewell Handmade Heaven, for now.

Today is my last day at Handmade Heaven before our newest Baby Cuggle arrives.

I don't really feel sad, the shop is a wonderful happy place where customers are relaxed and in good spirits.  If they're rushing to find a last minute gift they appreciate help and ideas.  If they're in for a play and a looky at what's new they often stay for ages, chatting and admiring all the gorgeous handmade things.

Gratuitous shot of Crayon Roll by Cuggles!Kids.

A freestyle crocheted beanie by Kylie.  I barely took mine off my head last week.

One of many gorgeous little outfits by Rachael.  She finds the best vintage fabrics!

If they're new to the shop, they gush over what an amazing find it is and when they leave, it is with the promise of coming back with their girlfriends, their husbands, their mothers,  sisters, aunties or their kids.... and they do and they become one of 'our regulars'.

Why not visit Liesa's beautiful shop or blog to see so much more.  You can make it into a good shopping expedition with sustenance just next door at di.licious.

Thank you Liesa for your friendship, your vision, your flexibility, your trust.  I always have so much fun here and today will be no different.

Big hugs and kisses,
Kim : )


  1. I just had a read through your info about yourself (something which I haven't yet done on my own blog). I had to laugh because my little girl also says cuggles or cuggle!! All the best for the arrival of your new family member.

  2. I look forward to finding out more about the latest cuggles member Kim. I wish you all the best for a safe delivery and will miss you in the shop.

  3. The time will fly by until you're ready to go back, so enjoy it while you can! Laze around with your feet up, with a cup of tea of course, you deserve it! Hope your last day was lovely!

    Look forward to meeting the newest little cuggle when she/he arrives!

  4. How fun to spend your days working in a "handmade paradise".
    All the best with the new bub will be keeping an eye out for the news.

  5. I hope your hormones behaved and didn’t leave you in tears as this chapter closed for a while. Home now for resting and nesting, enjoy!

  6. It sounds like you have some exciting times ahead. Best of luck with the next part of your life. I am new to your blog but thought I'd just say a quick hello. Look after yourself & best wishes xo

  7. Have been dying to get over to Handmade Heaven and check out all the goodies! Hope you're resting up and having lots of cups of tea!! Enjoy your week :)

  8. Enjoy the break before the next bub arrives, well, as much of a break as you can get with a 2 year old!



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