Monday, July 19, 2010

At My House: Fun Stuff, Trackies, Fire and Scrubbing!

We've had a break in routine today and are staying home instead of doing our usual Monday run around. I've made Toddler Cuggles a colouring book (instructions at the end of this post) to keep her amused while I nest/clean/bake today, ....

We will crack open the cinnamon scented, glitter playdough (purchased from Kylie through Handmade Heaven) a bit later...

And because it's a bit chilly, we have the fire going and have let the dog inside to indulge in the warmth with us.


Time: 20 mins including time for answering the question - 'What are you doing Mum'? over and over.  

I googled Free Colouring Pages, chose a few images and printed them out. 

Then I covered a manilla folder (tea cup fabric that I've been saving for just such a project).  I sewed the fabric on in the same way you'd attach contact.  I also folded the raw edges over on the inside (see top picture) twice just to make it neat and ironed it before sewing on the longest stitch my machine does.


I added some ribbon through the slits where the bendy tie thing would normally go on the inside to hold the pages in place and so we can keep adding to it.    (Again, see top picture).

Must be time to get some more washing out of the machine.  Why don't you visit Lou's to see what else is happenning today.
: )


  1. We google free coloring pages often at this house too! Love it when they can color whatever takes their fancy. Saves arguments and there really are pictures of ANYTHING & EVERYTHING! Love the special little folder though, can't claim ours go in anything quite as special as that!

  2. Certainly does take free colouring pages up a notch with that special cover. Great idea.

    Thanks for joining in this week. Lou.

  3. Next time the kids tell me they have nothing to do I'II suggest they google a picture to colour in



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