Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Nesting: The Woman's Way

You may remember Hubby has been nesting.  Now, at 36 weeks it's time for show and tell about how I've been preparing...

...creating some special things...

Tutorial for these little birds tomorrow!

Pictures from a 20c op shop book, in $1 op shop frames, painted white.

...enlisting help to move furniture...

(Thank you Tash)

.... scrubbing the kitchen in a mad frenzy late at night (not a good sign with 4 weeks still to go).

... and, um, falling asleep at every given ......zzzzzzzzzzz.  Huh? Time for a cuppsy tea?

Don't forget to come back tomorrow for the little bird tutorial.  : ) Kim


  1. Loving the new look around here! Hope I’m not too far behind the times in mentioning it, I often read in a feed reader! Can’t wait to see how those little birds come together tomorrow. Enjoy your nesting and resting.

  2. Those pictures look divine! Well done!!
    Nesting is fun!!!



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