Friday, November 6, 2009

Value of a Decent Cuppa

My beautiful hubby (Daddy Cuggles) has been in hospital for a couple of days.  Today he was moved from Critical Care to the ordinary old ward, so I thought it time to take him some home made medicine.

Toddler Cuggles and I packed the teapot (peepot as she calls it!); a mug; a teaspoon; real leaf tea; and the sugar.  We thought he could bat his manlids at a nurse and get some milk.  We also took a freshly boiled thermos of hot water.  All these things were packaged in a very noice white bag with a black ribbon.

When we arrived for our morning visit and handed over the gift, his reaction was this -
"Gasp!!  A REAL CUPPY TEA?!!  I'm surprised he didn't shed a tear, such is the tradition of 'Cuppsy tea' appreciation in our house, handed down from his side of the family.  Here's how it goes:

Rule 1.  Never ever shall a teabag enter the house;
Rule 2.  You must warm the 'peepot' and cups with boiling water before then making the tea;
Rule 3. Make it strong; (4 scoops to 2 people, we use Bushells extra strong blue label)
Rule 4. Brew it for a good few minutes and stir it before pouring;
Rule 5. It's always the other person's turn to make it!

That being stated, it's cuppsy tea time for me.


  1. With that home made medicine he will be home in no time.

  2. I hope he his going well. Sounds like a perfect pick me up for him!

  3. Hope your hubby is doing ok, never fun to have a loved one in hospital. Hehe, the peepot, I love it!

  4. A lovely post. I hope your husband is recovering well, sorry to hear he's been in hospital. You're win a wonderful wife award for bringing him a decent cup of tea to his hospital bed! I know it's something I really, really long for I have to be away from home.

  5. Thanks for your comments everyone. Daddy Cuggles is on the mend, starting to feeling better and will hopefully be home in a few more days.



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