Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Mailman has been! And more boardys.

When parcels like this arrive in the mail it is like winning the lotto for me.  A very dear lady, Great Aunty Cuggles (hubby's Aunt) sent these fabrics and patterns left over from when she was sewing for her little girl.  There is so much potential with all of this I can't wait to get into it! 

Meanwhile, I'm in the middle of making up heaps of boardys as I only have one pair left in the shop!  I'm ambitious but hope to get these together by this afternoon, then casings, elastic and hems tomorrow. 

Hmm, Toddler Cuggles is sleeping and I'm on track, so maybe time for a cuppsy while sewing!


  1. Sounds wonderful....My postman is like my santa clause!!!
    Happy sewing and can't wait to see your new creations.



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