Thursday, November 26, 2009


If I do say so myself, these 'Little Chef' Hats are pretty damn cute.  Of course they will be available in Handmade Heaven with their matching aprons.  I am on a roll in the sewing room after indulging in that momentary meltdown last week.  I'm pretty excited about some new orders too, thank you to my 'Brisbane Sales Rep/Warehouse Manager'.  She is the best kind of employee as she doesn't get paid!  Thanks again Granny Cuggles!! 

I'm also working on a surprise gift to swap at the Blogette Party Monday (see the Handmade Heaven site).  Can't tell you what it is yet but I think I'm going to need one for myself as well.

In addition to all this creativity I will be at Handmade Heaven on Saturday and Sunday this week looking after Liesa's beautiful shop.  That means I'll be busy the next few days so better have my cuppsy and keep sewing.  


  1. Lovely to meet you today at the blogettes bash, i love, love, love the apron and have been parading around in it all afternoon.

  2. Gawsh these hats are super cute!!



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