Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Asking for help

I have always been fiercely independent, however after the birth of our little girl in March 08 I quickly learned to accept help. Thank goodness I did because last Friday I really needed it.  This is a bit of a long blog post, but it does have a moral...
We’ve had a lot going on lately, some good, some not. Daddy Cuggles is well now, he was a week in hospital, home for a day and then off to a conference interstate. Toddler Cuggles and I went with him because as luck would have it, the conference was being held near my home town, a popular beach holiday spot. We had a lovely time, were home for a day and then had to have all my Cuggles creations ready for the Handmade Expo the next day. Thanks to the beautiful Kylie for manning my stall while I ran the shop. To make life interesting we have had a few other things happening as well which we are still dealing with.

So what happened last Friday?! It was the day before the Expo and I gratefully accepted an offer for Granny Cuggles (mum in law) to come and help with Toddler Cuggles.  I also roped in a girlfriend to come and cut out fabric hoping her toddler and mine would entertain each other. Instead, my normally happy and easy going toddler told her little friend ‘NO NO NO’ all morning and in between doing that would bash on the baby gate to the sewing room having massive tanties.  Oh and our house looked like it had been ransacked it was so disorganised.  By lunch time I lost it. My girlfriend had taken her littlie home, mine had complained loudly about sleep time and I stopped dead in my tracks and cried on Granny’s shoulder. It wasn’t about the tanties, it was the build up over the last couple of months of lots of different things and the Friday tanties broke the camel’s back. Granny took Toddler Cuggles home to her and Pa Cuggles place for sleep overs that night. Thank you Gran, I feel sane again.

The moral of the story is, it’s good to ask for help. I know lots of other mums who, like me,  like to delude themselves they are a super mum.  That's all very nice when things are going well but not very realistic 100% of the time.  Most importantly, never ever think you’re too busy for a cuppsy tea! 


  1. Should I print a copy of this post and highlight the bits about how good it is to ask for help (or just accept it when it’s offered) for when you need a bit of reminding???? Slow down, it’s been such a tumultuous time, things will get easier and I am here and happy to help until it does. xxx

  2. Oh yes, don't we all have times like that. I seem to have a lot of those at the moment - always more when there is more to do! Great that you had some lovely support.

  3. Oh Kim...I didnt realise what was going on...Of course you can ask for is certainly not a sign of weakness, more of a sign of strength. Thank goodness for Nannys and Poppys...
    Hope you are feeling better now...
    Talk soon

  4. Thanks for your nice comments girls, I am definitely in a much better frame of mind after shedding a few tears and talking it out. Nothing like a good 'feel sorry for yourself' session and then get on with it. : )

  5. Kim I hope it's a good week for you now. i know sometimes we want to believe that we don't need help & can manage everything on our own, but the truth is, without our close ones nearby a meltdown is inevitable.
    {hugs} ♥



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