Monday, November 2, 2009

Best Job in the World

Today was one of those days where I told myself "I was a really good Mum today".  Toddler Cuggles and I spent the afternoon in the back yard with a big tub of water and a bag of mangoes fresh from 'Mike's Cruck'.  Mike visits every Monday and we choose our fruit and veg from his truck...

So, wearing nothing but her gum boots, toddler cuggles splashed in the water, dunking her pieces of mango, spinning around and jumping.  I, wearing togs if you don't mind, was able to sprawl out on a towel in the sun while supervising.  Puppy Cuggles as always was nearly on top of me as she just can't stand being left out of a bit of fun.  A little bit later after Toddler cuggles wee'd on the back steps and I was cleaning her legs and bottom, she put my face in her little hands and kissed me on the nose.  Best job in the world!  Time for a cuppsy. : )


  1. Sounds like a delightful afternoon. Such a stark contrast to the afternoon at our house, some days are just like that!

  2. Oh how fun! Yep, nudie kids and water go well together here too....and it really does make you feel like you're doing a wonderful job when you have afternoons like that.

  3. Hi Kim, sounds like a perfect day! I've just read the HH post on your new job, so good luck with that. I see you have a love of aprons too ... and spotty fabric, which is my favourite!
    Bye, Cathy

  4. You are a really great mummy EVERY day!!

    Next time, let us know...Sophie's always keen for a splash and/or anything messy. xx Amy



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