Tuesday, May 11, 2010

At my house: Sewing Room Challenge

Sewing Room
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I'm at work today, which is like my second home but our house has been getting some ruthless treatment.  With a new baby due in August my nesting instincts have kicked in.

The challenge is my sewing room.  It is also the study/office, ironing room, folding room, storage room and sometimes guest bedroom.... AND we want the baby to have that room.  

The answer -
  • I've stored some fabrics in the shed;
  • Given books to Vinnies;   
  • Moved plastic tubs of Hubby's paperwork to the shed. (Love you hubby - but you don't read my blog do you?);
  • Refolded and sorted remaining fabric by colour and type.  The goal is to have all my sewing things fit into one cupboard, then it can stay in the corner, or be moved elsewhere.
I'll relegate myself back to the dining table to cut out and need to decide on where I will sew, the dining table or keep a desk in the baby's room.  Sigh, if only Hubby Cuggles would convert our garden shed to a sewing studio, paint it white, buy me new things and make it look like the one in this picture! 

I think its time to go next door for a cuppsy tea and a cupcake.  : )

Thanks Yvestown for the room inspiration and Lou for the 'At My House' Game.


  1. When Your Hubby does that can he come do my room?

  2. Thanks for joining in this week. Wouldn't it be amazing to have this as your sewing room - well as any room in your house really. Come on Mr Cuggles, you really need to do up the shed/studio out the back!

    I hope you are enjoying the new organised space you have. Enjoy your tea and cake.


  3. YOur sewing room sounds like mine... minus the need to add a baby. The one in the picture looks so lovely....

  4. Happy nesting! I would never get any work done in a room like that one in the piccy! I would spend too much time looking around and just joyfully sighing at the beauty of it!



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