Sunday, May 9, 2010

I have 2 Mums

First there's the beautiful woman who gave birth to me and raised me.  She taught me how to sew, to have good manners, to value family and to always be honest.  I got my sociable nature from her, my brown eyes and warped sense of humour.  She forgave me for all the horrible things I yelled at her when I was a teenager and she drove me to Brisbane with my flatmate-to-be and her Mum when we left home at 18.  Our most important possessions were packed into a Ford Telstar with the 4 of us girls for the 5 hour drive to Brisbane.  She cried when they drove away, I was too excited and saved my tears for later.  Mum is still interstate and I have my own family now, but we see each other as much as possible and talk on the phone.  She is vibrant and generous and I'm proud when people tell me how much we are alike.  I love you very much Mum.

My second Mum is on loan from my husband, but I think I'll keep her.  She tried in vain for a long while to teach me to cook and reluctantly I started listening about the time our baby was born.  Between her and Donna Hay, I'm doing alright.  She's also taught me how to menu plan, to organise our paperwork (and how to bring a wilful man into line!).  She has done so much for us since the arrival of our daughter I can never thank her enough and I know my Mum is grateful too.  She is a strong woman who I admire and am lucky to have as a Mum in Law.  Love you too Gran.

Big kisses for my 2 beautiful Mothers.  XXX

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