Friday, October 9, 2009

Wooden Spoon not Required?

We felt like some fresh bread (ok, damper) this morning.   So we mixed with our hands......

That must have been the secret trick because it came out beautifully, and tasted even better.  Happy Friday, time for another cuppsy. : )


  1. Oh Yummo...
    Thanks again for the bikkies and trashy mags...Can't wait to have a spare moment to read them...the bikkies are all gone thouh


  2. Hi Kim! bread looks yum! i love cooking with my daughter, not so much the cleaning up, especially when flower is involved, somehow we always end up with flower hand prints all over the house.
    your blog is looking great, keep it up!!!

    have a great w/e

  3. Ok, how did you make this damper? Is it the same as the flour/water version that you wind round a stick when you go camping? And thanks for coming over to say hi, looking forward to more posts from your blog!

  4. who needs a wooden spoon when you have a perfectly good pair of hands :)

  5. Hi Cat J B, yep, it's the very same flour/water version you describe. Best served with honey down the centre after you pull the stick out! The recipe came from a friend of an old boyfriend:
    1 tsp salt
    1 tsp cream of tartar
    1 tsp bicarb soda
    4 cups SR Flour
    2 cups water.

    Mix it all together (pudgy little hands make light work of this job) and whack it in the oven at 200 degs. My clunky oven took 45 minutes to cook this in a bread tin. It should be quicker if you cook it on a flat tray. 25 minutes-ish. You will know it's done for sure when it is hard on top and hollow sounding in the middle. : )



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