Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Bums, Bickies & Bargains

BUMS!  Fat little bums wear nappies, and sometimes you don't want the nappy to be the couture.  My very good friend and 'bestest' customer asked me to please make some nappy cover thingys for her 9 week old boy.  So, out came the butcher's paper, pens and tape measure, a couple of calico drafts then a final and bigger draft in pink gingham for my 18 month old and I'm ready to go.  So far I've cut out, finished edges and joined seams on the real ones.  Now just to do the elastic and they're done.  Here's the fabric I'm using on the right.

Bickies!  I borrowed this book from a friend, it was new and in very good condition when we left her home with it.

the wonder girl Toddler Cuggles found the book, and found a pen while I was washing up breakfast dishes.  She made a few working notes of her own.
This is the back cover.

This is the index.

She didn't stop there.  This child scaled furniture with a stealthy silence, the quiet really should have triggered my 'mummy alarm' to reach the book and same for the pen.  After drawing on every surface of our furniture and walls some time ago we had banned pens and offered pencils only but thought even they were out of reach.  Anyway, we'll be replacing the book.  Oh, and here are the result of borrowing it int he first place - Ginger and Rum BICKIES, not Cookies. : ) 

They're ok, but a bit sweet for my liking.  With 499 others to choose from in the book there's sure to be something more my taste. 

Speaking of finding things to my taste, I absolutely SCORED with my opping today.  It was the Salvo's at Bundamba that made me so happy. We got a pair of gum boots for Toddler Cuggles for 50 cents; a little Ralph Lauren dress for $4; some patterns for $1 each, including a knitting pattern for you if you're reading Liesa, Merry Xmas; a children's clothes pattern book $2 an etchascetch in good enough condition $2 and the bargain of the day?  A black sexy dress which I plan on wearing to a wedding this Saturday for.....$3 because it's Wednesday.  Tomorrow it would have been $12, and a bargain even at that.  No label but who cares, it fits and it matches shoes and bags I already own with no special stick on bra requirements or any such trivia.  Sold.  Here's some of my loot:

Well I've had my cuppsy and bath so off to brush teeth now and to bed.  So many things to do tomorrow!  Starting with scrubbing those gumboots!


  1. Wow Mummy Cuggles you really scored at the op shop. Well done, I love those days when all the right bargains are just there waiting for you.
    I know one very cute little guy who is only going to look even cuter when his new wardrobe of nappy covers is delivered. What great fabrics for a little boy.
    Did that book have the recipe for the bickies I was lucky enough to go home with the other day? They were so good, you must share the recipe.
    See you soon.

  2. Hi Kylie, you're very kind. I'll post the recipe for the Cinnamon biscuits you had the other day soon.

  3. We just love our bubby cuggles don't we? They are so creative in all shapes and sizes!!!!
    HELP!!! LOL
    THose bikkies were delicious...are they the same ones that you bough in for me? YUMMO.
    See you soon

  4. You did very well with the opping, I don't seem to have any luck at it. Very sweet nappy covers, do you use cloth nappies, the new sort are the cutest things in the world!

    I have the 500 cupcakes yet unadorned by little artists, hehehe!

  5. Can't wait for Timothy's (ruffle-free) "bloomers"!! Love the fabrics...

    And LOVE your little artist. : )


  6. Dear Cat JB, I'm afraid we've been using the most expensive brand of disposables. You know the ones I'm sure. Recently I tried a supermarket brand but quickly changed back. I was changing nappies much more often and they constantly felt soggy which much be uncomfortable. However I was deliberating about whether to try the cloth ones between now and potty training which has 'sort of' started. I'll check your blog for advice as I saw you mentioned them. : )

  7. Dear Amy, glad you like! They're looking really good if I do say so myself. Can't wait to see them on his fat little leggies.



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