Wednesday, October 21, 2009


We went to a beautiful wedding on the weekend.  The bride was gorgeous, there were butterflies released, great entertainment and plenty of Moet.  Too much Moet for this little Mummy Cuggles who normally sticks to cuppsy tea in order to sew straight at night.  Have had a hangover since Sunday, is that really possible??  If you would like to see a photo, close your eyes.... imagine a thumping in your head... and a sweet little voice pleading 'Mummy.... mummy... bickie... mummy..... drink... mummy... 'shwings'... park.... mummy..... mummy.  You get the idea.  

Meanwhile, thanks to Created By Kylie Toddler Cuggles had a playdate with Little Guy this morning and I had a heavenly couple of hours to myself to sew.  It was very productive time thanks Kylie.

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