Wednesday, September 16, 2009

New Hat for Baby Cuggles and More Aprons

We had a lovely day playing in the garden today and pottering around getting the washing and other chores done.  Baby Cuggles even kept her new hat on, pictured left.  It is so much better than the store bought kind as it is shaped beautifully to fit little heads and the brim sits lower at the back for better sun protection.  I will be making more like this for both boys and girls which can be found in Handmade Heaven
I'm making a little rose embelishment in a bright colour for Baby Cuggles' hat because she loves 'fowers'.  Oh yes, that is Budha's head modelling.  Meanwhile..... 
I have been making more aprons, also available at Handmade Heaven
Here is an example of one of the chef style, child size aprons in navy blue.  These have easy velcro fastenings on the neck and waist straps.  The red truck pocket is big enough for all kinds of frogs, snails and puppy dog's tails.
         Here is a smock style, child size apron in pink.  This one has a large pocket, for sugar, spice and all things nice... and an essential mini whisk of course!
Well, I have a cuppsy tea waiting, some hat fabric to get started on and custard to wash out of my hair!  What a great end to a beautiful, playful messy day.
Mummy Cuggles XXX


  1. What wonderful little creations. Little Guy lost his favorite hat this week, so I might just have to put an order in for one! The little whisk is just such an adorable addition. Well done Mummy Cuggles, you deserve that cupsy.

  2. These are fabulous...nice creations Kim...
    Can't wait to see the hats


  3. Very cute, love the hat style.



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