Friday, September 4, 2009

The Cuggles Experience

Baby Cuggles started mimicking Mummy and Daddy Cuggles a few months ago.... must use big person's cutlery, must wear our shoes, must carry Mummy's handbag.  We then discovered that baking cakes with Mummy requires an Apron. After looking around the local stores I couldn't find anything for our mini baker, which was also affordable. So, I created the first Cuggles! Apron.  Girly and pretty with frills and an adjustable neck strap.  Not too long so as not to trip over or get caught up in it.  She looks so adorable in it with wooden spoon going and measuring cups clattering in every mixing bowl I own.
Chatting at playgroup about toddler wear, some of the other Mums explained that they were having an equally difficult time  finding fun and functional toddler wear for boys.  So, I decided to develop Cuggles! - toddler wear for girls and boys.
At this stage the aprons are available at Handmade Heaven, Ipswich and I will be at the New Earth Markets (Marburg, QLD) on Sundays! 
All new Cuggles! creations will be updated here.  Any how, it's now time for a cuppsy.  Oh yes, Baby Cuggles must also have a 'tea' (plain milk) from a proper tea cup!!


  1. Love the aprons! Clever idea, and very cute.

  2. Congratulations on the Cuggles debut and on the blog, it all looks great. I am still contemplating starting one myself; you may just be the inspiration I need. See you soon for a cuppsy!

  3. that's a fantastic reason to begin this great adventure of yours! goodluck with it all.



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