Thursday, January 13, 2011

Scary times in Ipswich Part II

Feeling shell shocked this evening.  I went to donate some supplies to the evacuation centre after the kids went to bed.  I desperately needed to do something as we are so safe and dry here.  I was driving through the car park and stopped alongside a family who were just tucking their little girl into a makeshift bed in the back of their ute.  She was about the same age as our little one, also with blond curls.  I started to cry as I asked the father if there was anything specific they needed.  We had already given what we felt we could from our own supplies but I was ready to come home and strip the shirts of our backs when I came face to face with this little family.  I'm happy to say they were ok, in good spirits and had already gotten what they needed for the night from the stockpile of things already donated. 

I had included some home baked bickies that some girlfriends and I made together this afternoon.  I felt a bit silly handing over our few little bags of bickies when I saw the boxes and boxes of food that had already been donated as well as knowing they wouldn't go very far toward the 1500 people in the facility .... but it just felt like something positive we could do.  The feeling of needing to 'do something' is too hard to describe for now.    

Everyone I know who is safe is feeling the same way.  We're grateful for ourselves but quite distressed about our friends who have been affected and what the extent of the damage is going to mean now, especially about the health concerns.  There is so much to be done on such a huge scale. 

I came home and bawled on my husband's shoulder when I got home from the evacuation centre.  I keep thinking about that family sleeping in their ute and how positive they were.


  1. I hear you Kim and have had my own little weep when I read your story about the family. We want to help and can't get there for now and the need is so strong it is almost painful. As I look at the photos of my Mum's family home, my brain knows that nothing can be done for it until the water goes down but what a wait. Thanks for sharing. Lisa x

  2. IT is a very emotional time.I am glad you are safe and well and are thinking so much about those in that state xx

  3. I know who you feel,
    It is so overwhelming up there, all of those poor people. Even driving past the other evacuation centres and seeing all the cars is emotional. I didn’t deliver our first donation myself, but I dropped off the stuff we took up yesterday. So many bewildered, devastated people. I can’t imagine how hard it is to be inside those buildings. It is good to have a little tiny way to help now though. I can’t imagine how much more helpless I would be feeling if we couldn’t respond to their needs at all. I’m sure we will be able to find more ways to help in the coming weeks and months as well.
    So grateful (and a feeling a little guilty) we are all safe and dry.

  4. So glad that you're safe Kim. I've been thinking about the things these people are going to need and wondering if we could organise some sort of appeal for school supplies and the like for the kids? Being up at the evacuation centres, do you think this is something they will need? I feel so helpless sitting here, especially with my Mum stuck in Brassall with no power and a little isolated, maybe if I can start the ball rolling on organising something I could feel a little useful.

  5. Thanks for the comments and thoughts girls. Selina - I haven't seen the interview myself but apparently the Principal of the Grammar School here said they would be helping however possible - maybe you could think about starting there? Apparently the State Govt took over the coordination of the Evac Ctr today. I know you can put your name down to enrol as a volunteer. Don't worry about not doing anything now, as everyone keeps saying to me, the real need for help is yet to come.



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