Monday, January 17, 2011

Ipswich Part III - The Guilty & the Getting on with it

It seems everyone I know is out helping with the clean up in some way.  With two small children to care for, one still a baby being breastfed, I know it's not feasible to be out there doing the 6 hour shifts.  But I still feel hamstrung and horribly guilty. 

We've helped some friends while they didn't have power, so would anyone.  We've donated some toys, and basic provisions, as so many others have done.  I've baked bickies which I know were a welcome gesture, but still didn't seem like much.  Then a friend said she had met an expectant mother 'Alix' who was only 6 weeks away from having her baby and had lost everything in her home.  So within our playgroup I put my hand up to coordinate a spreadsheet of baby goods that we can pull together for this woman.  Between us we have just about everything she will need, but sadly have now lost contact with her.  There'll be someone else we can help, we just have to find them. 

... But I just feel like I'm fighting inertia doing bits here and bits there.  I baked more bickies today which I'll take to the volunteers somewhere tomorrow, and then I'll just keep baking I suppose.  (Linda suggested I check out this blog about Baked Relief - nice to know others think this is a good idea).

You know what else I feel guilty about?  Moaning about how I feel guilty.  So I'll finish with something funny: Little Miss Cuggles came into the kitchen tonight and tried to take a bickie from one of the trays cooling out of the oven.  I said 'No darling these aren't for us, these are for the volunteers'.  She looked at me as though I was a complete idiot and said 'No Mummy, they for eating'!


  1. I am sure you are making an impact on anyone you come into contact with large or small....Keep doing your little part and then together the sum of the whole will be enormous and many will be blessed.

  2. Kim you are a legend you are helping, every little bit helps thank you from the bottom of my heart Janie



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