Sunday, December 13, 2009

Sunday morning blogger

I started this blog at 6.30 am today thinking I would actually get it finished before the pitter patter of little feet demanded my attention, hence the title - good one, it's now after 8pm.   'All day blogger'?  'Sunday night blogger'? 'The frustrated blogger!'

Anyway, above is a gardening apron  which I was very proud of, it is sporting an enormous flower brooch and being modelled by Hubby Cuggles' golf clubs.  This was my gift to give at the Bloggette Party a couple of weeks ago.  (Yes only blogging it now, naughty Mummy).  I loved how it came together and was a bit sad to give it away... until Bec who received it wrote a blog about how much she loved it too.  Good on you Bec, you're very welcome.

Thank you Bubba Chenille for my blogette party gift!  A beautifully scented wardrobe sachet, a patchworked pin cushion and a cute little book to keep track of expenses - goodbye dog-eared envelope with receipts stuffed in!  Hello chic organisation. 
There has been lots of other things happening which I could have blogged in the last week or 2, no photos of course.  I think I'll make a New Year's resolution to be a better blogger, I need to schedule myself for a regular time to make it happen and I need to carry the camera with me everywhere.... and remember to use it of course.

I will just mention that I delivered my best work yet to the shop on Friday, 'Little Chef' Aprons and matching 'Little Chef' hats - Aprons are either crisp white with soft pink/white polka dot pocket or vice versa and the hats have the soft pink/white polka dot band with crisp white tops.  The aprons are lined in crisp white.  Of course aprons and chef hats are my thing but these are particularly good if I do say so.  One set sold as I was hanging them up!  I will take some pics on Tuesday while manning the shop.

Now, where is that Hubby Cuggles with my cuppsy!? 


  1. You are very welcome, Hope you like !

  2. Those golf clubs sure do have a sassy little hip thrust going on there!! Love the apron, lucky Bec, I am sure she will put it to good use. Looking forward to lots more Cuggles posts in the New Year……

  3. What an awesome post Kim..I can't believe you were doing all this at 6:30am on Sunday morning...Good for you...
    Loving the new additions to Handmade Heaven too....SOLD 1 set already...
    Super Great.



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