Thursday, October 21, 2010

Post baby creativity - girly girly quilt

I'm still here!!  Just thought I'd share a peek at what I'm working on for the big girl's new 'Big Girl Bed'.  Our little Girl Cuggle is the kind of child who insists on wearing dresses and skirts to bed over her pj's. 

Must fly, time to feed bub.  All still good here.

xxx Kim


  1. I was just wondering today how it was going there, it's been so quiet. And isn't it always time to feed the bub?!

  2. Hope she loves the bed and the quilt and that Liesa passed on my package for you which took an obscenely long time to make it's way to your house. Apologies, again! Lisa x

  3. Pretty!!!! Nice to see you again :)

    p.s I have a new blog...



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