Thursday, March 25, 2010

Another Cuggle in the Oven

Yep I'm pregnant again.  : )

This little Cuggle is due mid August.  We're waiting until baby is born to know if it will be a little brother or sister for Toddler Cuggles.

I've been very lucky and have felt really well throughout the first trimester - just incredibly tired.  We're at 20 weeks now and I have much more energy back.  I find myself spending ALL of it each day as I know there's not long to go before the tiredness will return, and then there will be a new baby to love.  

xxx Mummy Cuggles.


  1. This is so exciting Mumma Cuggles...I am going to go with a blue one..Yep, I think it is a BLUE ONE

  2. ohhh, what a great creative space you have today!!!
    congratulations Cuggles Family

  3. Congratulations Mama Cuggles!!! if i remember correctly, i hated my pregnancy, then to have it dawn on me that the pregnancy is the easy bit. Wishing you all the best through-out the next 22 wks. xx jade

  4. Oooh congratulations!! I would love another but hubby would not, so I am living vicariously through others!

  5. how sneaky!

    I had no idea. Congrats!!!

  6. Thank you for your well wishes lovelies.
    Jade, I think you're right! This will be the easy part. At least toddler is still having a daytime sleep and I can get a break or a nap myself. I hope she is still having a day sleep in August.
    Cat JB, me too. I'd love to keep going but hubby says no.
    Scurrette, I know. I'm not very big for 20 weeks (or so I'm being told) but it's definitely popped out now!

  7. Ohh, congratulations! I thought so last time I saw you, but didn't want to say anything in case I was wrong! How awkward would that have been!!



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