Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Thanking Mr Wonderful

How do you thank a beautiful husband?  Hubby Cuggles has been coming home from work, cooking dinner, cleaning up the kitchen, washing the clothes, tidying the house, keeping up the house cleaning, attending to Toddler Cuggles when she wakes in the night, and falling into bed, exhausted, at midnight.  That's usually just when I ask for a drink of water.  In the morning he gets up, empties bins, puts more washing out, makes all our breakfast and changes Toddler Cuggles nappy before having his shower, ironing his shirt and hopefully getting to work on time.

Yes, we have had lots of help from friends.  Yesterday the girls changed all the sheets, put another load of washing on, hung more washing out and made all the food and drinks for the day.  When Hubby Cuggles got home there was a little less to do, but still it must seem never ending to him.  I know how to thank the girls, but how do you thank the Man in your life?  I have written him a love note which I will tie to the dog's collar so when she wags her tail and runs out to greet him tonight he'll receive my letter via puppy post.

When I can drive again I'll go out and get him a present or organise a baby sitter and take him out to dinner or something. 

Tell you what though Mum's, I know it's been questioned many times before but doesn't it make you think (again) about how the hell we do all this stuff during the day while looking after kids and some of us working and running businesses as well?  Perhaps I'll need a present too!!


  1. What a lovely hubby! And most definitely yes, when you see someone else running round doing all that YOU usually do, you gotta wonder how we do it!

  2. What a fabulous post Kim. I am so glad that you have so much support around you...Friends plus your #1 man...always there for you in thick & thin...its in our vowes somewhere...LOL. Thumbs up to Hubby Cuggles and I am loving the puppy post idea. Good luck at the Dr on Friday.



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