Sunday, September 6, 2009

Fun with Dick and Jane - New aprons

*Who are Dick and Jane? Click on the heading above to find out.
Here is one of the new Cuggles! Toddler Aprons that I've been working on. I love this fabric because the pictures look like what I saw in books that were at my Nan's house. She had somehow managed to preserve some of the reading material that belonged to her 4 tree climbing boys, including my Dad.  
This might explain my obsession with collecting old books for my daughter.  She is still at the stage of potentially ripping pages and definitly at the stage of scribbling in them with pen.  I have a stack in good condition put away for when she's a 'big girl' and some that she can have fun destroying now. 

Daddy Cuggles is out with Baby Cuggles this morning enjoying some Father's Day time together.  I have fulfilled my obligation and made him a hot breakfast and tea earlier.  So I'm now going to take advantage of a couple of quiet hours sewing my next project -Cuggles! Toddler Hats.  Bliss!!  Must start with a cuppsy of course.


  1. Very jealous that you are getting some creative time on Fathers day. Our Fathers Day weekend has been insanely busy. Can’t wait to see the new hats.

  2. Welcome to blogland Kim...May it grow and grow for you.
    Thanks for stocking your wonderful aprons in Handmade Heaven.

    See you soon



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